Through 2 year old eyes

A long time ago I wrote a post about seeing the world through my friend’s 4 year old daughter’s eyes. We had a magical evening with her and I had a real sense of seeing things differently as a result of her excitement and enthusiasm.

Now we have our own (equally) delightful 2 year old and I get to see that magic every day. It’s an honour and a privilege to be with her as she learns things, and understands things and figures things out and I am constantly amazed by the speed her little mind works as she puts things together and works out life and the world.

She has recently become very interested in the sky and loves to see all the different colours in the sunrises and in both the sunny and the grey, cloudy days. We told her that one day she would be able to see the black sky at night time and if there weren’t any clouds she might even see some stars. For days she would periodically jump up on the sofa and look to see if the sky was dark, saying hopefully, ‘see black sky, see stars, no clouds’ before shaking her head and getting down again.

On a recent journey home in the evening, the sun set as we were on our way back and so we were able to point out the black sky to her from the car window. I wish I could do justice to the open expression of wonder and amazement that took over her little face as she stared transfixed out of the window. Occasionally saying ‘black sky, Esther see black sky!’

She saw some lights in the sky from the car and said ‘lots and lots of airplanes’. I was delighted to be able to tell her that they weren’t airplanes, but they were the stars we were telling her she could see at night. And her face lit up with joy. She stared and stared and was completely taken over with wonder.

She still talks about seeing the black sky and the stars and I feel a mixture of a deep joy at seeing how special things are to her for the first time, as well as a slight sadness that I no longer squeal and kick my feet with excitement because of the stars.

The world can be a magical place through a 2 year old’s eyes.


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