10 Things I Thought I Would Never Do…

… and probably secretly mocked other people for doing until I had a baby:

  1. Pick someone else’s nose- bogie diving can be so rewarding!
  2. Change baby’s nappy and then smell it- even though I know it stinks because we had to evacuate the room she was sitting in at the time
  3. Lick my finger and rub food off someone else’s face- and no, I don’t just mean the baby here
  4. Lick the spoon when baby refuses that last mouthful- pumpkin, prune and apple puree isn’t actually that bad…
  5. Reheat a cup of tea in the microwave. Multiple times
  6. Leave the house wearing sick/snot/biscuit smeared trousers because I haven’t got the time (or clean clothes) to change
  7. Wipe a dribble of food from baby’s chin and then lick my finger clean because I don’t have a wipe or cloth nearby
  8. Discuss at length the shape, size, texture, smell, consistency and frequency of not only my baby’s poo, but that of all my friends’ babies
  9. Take baby to the bathroom with me when I go to the toilet. It feels a bit odd to be watched while weeing but better that than a screaming baby because I’ve left the room without her
  10. Sit and watch my baby sleeping because in that moment there is nothing else more important to do in the whole world.

3 thoughts on “10 Things I Thought I Would Never Do…

  1. Number 11, sleeping in baby wee because you forgot to change the sheets and now it’s too late and you’ll disturb him sleeping, or is that just me?!

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