Mumhood 2

Thanks to my wonderful and heroic ‘mum friends’ I have some new photos on the theme of mumhood.

These are photos that show the normal, everyday things that we do now that we’re mums, but that are possibly not that normal to other people!

DSCF6282 DSCF6283

But I want to show that for every time we go to the toilet one handed with a baby on our lap, or turn a light switch off with our head, or get our hair pulled, or put a pair of socks on wriggly feet for the millionth time, we are not moving away from who we are, but adding to ourselves. I want to show that even though it sometimes feels that when you have a baby you stop being you and start being just a mum, this isn’t true. We become more of ourselves. We multi-task, we sacrifice, we clean up, we feed, wash, burp and change. But we do it gladly because we have become something more.

We gave life to these babies, but it’s them who have enriched our lives infinitely.

DSCF6280 DSCF6274

And I want to show that although we rarely have time to shave our legs, or put on make-up, or go to the gym, or eat healthily, or do our hair, we are not any less womanly. I’ve said it before that having babies is earthy and messy, but it’s also wholesome, truly feminine and worth celebrating in all it’s bleary eyed exhaustion.


And thank you endlessly to my new friends for their willingness to be photographed doing the things that they, and I, do every day.


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