Hot chocolate and baby sick

So I’ve been a bit off the map for the past few months. The past 5 months to be precise.

The reason?

A new addition to our house and family. A beautiful baby girl. And I’m not biased, (honestly) she actually is the most beautiful baby in the whole world. She’s such a joy and delight to be with and I spend each day with her growing more in love and more in awe of her.

This is all true. BUT (there’s always a but)…

I don’t want to put anyone under false illusions. Babies are hard work! The past 5 months have been a blur of sleepless nights (sleep deprivation is one of the cruellest forms of torture), ear-splitting screaming, horrendously potent nappies (seriously, how is it that tiny people make such horrible smells??) and on demand (and often painful) feeding. Oh yeah, and the sick. ‘Baby sick isn’t really sick’ I was told. Liars! Sick is sick. Full stop. And babies produce a lot of it. I’m pretty sure that sometimes it’s more than they’ve taken in but what do I know?

And so it is only now, as I sit with a soya hot chocolate, (apparently a large amount of my baby’s sick was probably due to a milk allergy. You live and learn!) that I actually feel like I’ve got time (baby’s asleep) and energy to form proper adult sentences.

There is so much that I want to say. So much I have learned, and am learning. But nap times are short and so I will save my two pennies worth on breastfeeding, new-mum guilt, angry babies, the poo conversations and the difference between ‘me’ and ‘mum’ for another time.

I reckon I’ve got about 4 and a half minutes before baby wakes up, so forgive me while I dive into Harry Potter for a few precious moments of quiet.


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