A Lego Cathedral

I wrote last week about turning up at the crack of dawn in a flower filled Durham cathedral. It was a momentous morning and I will treasure the memories and the photos as a glimpse into something beautiful beyond my normal life.

But there was something else I wanted to share about that morning. After all the photography we were thirsty and so went to the cathedral’s lovely Undercroft Cafe for some much needed caffeine.

On the way in I was collared by a very persistent Liverpudlian to donate money towards the cathedral’s Lego project. I must confess that I felt a little annoyed as his insistence was quickly banishing my lovely warm fuzzy feelings from the inside of the cathedral. I kept it together though, and joked that I needed coffee and it was too early in the morning to be so pushy but that I would be much better after a hot drink.

So, when we exited the cafe I knew I had no choice really but to go and see what all the fuss was about. I had vaguely heard about the Lego cathedral project from somewhere but I didn’t really know anything more so I asked questions.

Someone- possibly the best fundraiser in the country- came up with the idea of building Durham cathedral out of specially commissioned Lego piece by piece from each £1 donated. That part I had pretty much figured out for myself. What I hadn’t been aware of, was that you donate your money and actually get given the correct number of pieces right there and then in your hand to go and place on the actual Lego cathedral project right there in front of you!

So my £5 donation gave me 5 little pieces of Lego. I went over to the semi-built cathedral and was shown where to put them. A bit of floor here, a piece of a pillar there, some grass pieces and a flower. I don’t fully know how or why, but giving the money and then actually being able to stick the pieces on myself made it about a million times more exciting. Like I said, probably the best fundraiser ever.

DSCF4640My Lego pieces are on there somewhere!

The whole atmosphere in the Undercroft was one of fun. Children were allowed to climb on the table and reach out and touch each part of the building. The volunteers were fun and lively- even the guy from Liverpool who started off as pushy. He was a good laugh and really enthusiastic about the project.


As you can see, the money raised has been phenomenal already and because it’s so much fun I have no doubt that they will be able to build the whole thing. But it does also need people to shout about it, which is what I’m doing.

If you’re in Durham in the near future- make sure you go and play with the Lego in the cathedral, and be a part of a wonderful building both of stones and people who are wanting to do the best they can to make a community of love.

In all honesty, I’m really tempted to go back and buy some more! And yes, I did ask if there was going to be a Lego bishop. But apparently no-one had thought about it and they didn’t know. So Lego manufacturers, if you read this: make a bishop and send it to Durham Cathedral!


One thought on “A Lego Cathedral

  1. Excellent! I was there too and you’re right – it was very exciting putting pieces of Lego onto the emerging cathedral

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