Here comes the sun…

Summer has arrived in Durham, and because I think there’s a very real chance that it will pack up and leave again before the day is through, I’m making the most of it. We’ve been outside- gardening, eating meals, taking photographs. Just in case.

Here are some of my favourite sunny photos. They make me smile.

DSCF3160                   DSCF5492

These two are so lovely and bright, and I love that the sunflower is washed out in some places because that’s what it was like to look at it that day. The sun was so penetrating. The buttercups I like because of the focus. I like playing with the focus on a camera and I like that the foreground is out of focus in this picture.




I love this red phone box for a few reasons. It’s very English. It’s red, which is my favourite colour, and it’s also dumped in the middle of a hillside in the Lakes. We just rounded the corner and there it was.

As you can see, it was also a beautiful day.





And I couldn’t resist putting in a photo of my bunny enjoying the sunshine.



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