Through a mirror

I love taking photos through a mirror.

I love the symbolism and meaning that can be found in reflections. Reflections are perfect representations of an original, but they are nothing. They do not exist on their own; they cannot be touched or held.

Mirrors can distort images or confuse what is really there- I think of those scenes in films or on stage where a brave swordsman is tricked into fear and desperation through fleeting images in a mirror and when he runs towards them he is confronted with nothing but his own reflection.


I took this photo in Spain and I love it because it takes a while of looking at it before you can figure out what is happening.

I am seated in the centre looking at a reflective window into a cafe- the indoor lights can be seen.

Reflected behind me are the figures of my parents.

I wonder if mirrors are truthful or full of lies? I love the concept of the Mirror of Erised. A mirror that shows you what your heart longs for and a name that is itself a reflection of the word ‘desire’.

This pictures was also taken in Spain and I particularly like the distortion that comes from the curved traffic mirror.

DSCF5427Mirrors are often used in literature and films to different effects. Think of the horror film where the protagonist is looking in a bathroom mirror. You know that as soon as they look away and then return their gaze there will be someone behind them who wasn’t there before. In literature mirrors can be used to represent something that is not physically there, or a memory of something or someone. In fantasy stories, mirrors are often gateways or portals to another world.

And then my personal favourite is the vampire with no mirror reflection…


One thought on “Through a mirror

  1. I’ve always loved that photo from Spain too – memories of a very still day up in the mountains

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